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Buy Sweet Impact's gourmet fudge online. Our creamy, fresh fudge , handcrafted with love and fair trade organic chocolate and sugar and other natural ingredients, is "homemade" in very small 5-10 pound batches. Indulge in Dark Chocolate Salted Pecan, Dark Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate, and Lemon Delight. Our gourmet fudge melts in your mouth and is made even sweeter with a gift that keeps on giving. 10% of all our sales goes to fund programs battling child trafficking in the two countries where child labor abuses are most prevalent in the cocoa growing industry.

 Valentine's Day Gifts, Client Appreciation, Realtor gifts for  clients, Anniversary Gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, Teacher Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Stocking Stuffers

Enjoy Gourmet chocolates & Caramels Made Right Here in Wisconsin

Give a gourmet food gift that goes beyond sweet and keeps on giving

10% of all our sales (not just profits) are donated to organizations helping women and children turn oppression into opportunity. Your valued support helps us impact our world in a simple, sweet way.


We would Love to be your source for Ethically Sourced Chocolate gifts, whether for personal or corporate needs.
Read more here About how to keep all of your holidays sweet for everyone.

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*Shipping of chocolates and caramels is dependent on weather conditions. additional shipping cost may apply

Truffle Cups - perfect for creating a variety pack!

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